Energetic Cords: Beware of Entanglement

We are all beings made of energy, vibration and frequencies. ‘In the beginning was the word and the word was Sound’ is as valid today as when the Bible was written.     Which frequencies are lowering or raising your vibration? Just think about it in practical terms: When you say positive things, talk about your love, your passion and your… Read more →


Raw Cacao: The Benefits & Healing of Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is a medicinal plant that grows in South America, West Africa and Asia, which has been used since pre-Colombian Mesoamerican times more then 3000 years ago for ceremonies and rituals. It was a currency in the Mayans and Aztecs cultures, more valuable then gold, and has been concocted as a drink for sacred ceremonies of marriage, offerings and communion… Read more →

Chakra Healing Masterclass

Chakra Healing Masterclass

Here is the recent Chakra Healing Masterclass that I ran on Facebook. It´s an all inclusive walk through the chakra system including it´s pitfalls and challenges and contains a lot of tipps on how to work with each of them individually. If you post your question throughout this week on facebook, I´ll come back to them to answer them.  … Read more →


Festivals: Energy Self-Care When It Gets Wild

It´s festival season and by that we all spend more time outside, dancing, moving and being in community. A lot of the festivals offer a great variety of music, healing and other fun activities to engage in, which allows us to let loose and be wild, while equally receiving that healing and nurturing restorative Soul balm. However, being on a… Read more →


Ubud: The Medicine Center of Bali

Ubud is the center of spirituality, cacao ceremonies and yoga and not just by pure chance: Ubud means medicine (Ubad, Ubuds original name in Bahasa means medicine), not only in herbs, spiritual healers and nature, but also in music, food and temples. Roaming around, I discovered some very magical places in nature, like this unique, ancient, moss covered hidden temple here,… Read more →


The Divine Feminine: Uncovering the Myth

The Divine Feminine is an aspect of ourselves that is calling for recognition, re-integration and resurrection. It´s the intuitive, creative and divine part of ourselves that in an patriarchally shaped society has been pushed aside, ignored and limited in her expression for centuries. It´s part of our nature, which we most feel when we are in nature, and less when… Read more →


Part 2: Money and Spirituality – Being Gifted & Guided

A couple of days ago I left the house early morning and started walking without nothing, no bag, no cash, no water bottle. Just my body and the keys for the room. At some point I started doing a walking meditation, which I usually teach in workshops, which is simply slowing down tremendously and stepping each foot forward on inhale… Read more →


Part 1: Money and Spirituality – Giving More

As human beings we need to sustain ourselves and our lives. Everything is influenced by money through the job or business we have, the house we live in, a family to sustain, food to eat, dressing ourselves accordingly, holidays, gifts, workshops, books etc. And it even seeps into our spiritual life, as in fact our spiritual life and our mundane… Read more →


Tantra: Energetics & The Chakras

Tantra in the West has been largely become known for it´s sexual practices, although at its root it has the meeting of the Divine Feminine & the Sacred Masculine, a union which can only happen inside of us. The merging of two polar energies can be facilitated through outer methods, however, these methods only aim to help us channel our… Read more →

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