Raw Cacao: The Benefits & Healing of Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

Theobroma cacao webCacao is a medicinal plant that grows in South America, West Africa and Asia, which has been used since pre-Colombian Mesoamerican times more then 3000 years ago for ceremonies and rituals. It was a currency in the Mayans and Aztecs cultures, more valuable then gold, and has been concocted as a drink for sacred ceremonies of marriage, offerings and communion with spirit. The scientific name ‘Theobroma Cacao’ also translates as ‘food for the Gods’, which is why it is becoming wildly popular in sacred Cacao Ceremonies in the West now. The native word cacahuatl means ‘bitter water’, which explains why most people are surprised by the strongly astringent taste of the plant when coming for the first time to a ceremony.



Cacao in Mysticism

In ancient Mysticism it is believed that cacao was brought to the Mayan and Aztek tribes by Quetzalcoatl, the rainbow feathered serpent of Mesoamerica, after the humans were created by maize from grandmother Xmucane. The cacao for the Mayans was not only a medicinal plant helping to establish connection to the Divine but also a God itself called Ek Chuah. The God of the Heart.

The Difference Between Chocolate and Raw Cacao

The difference between raw ceremonial cacao and the processed cacao from the supermarket is that the natural one is so rich in antioxidents, magnesium, serotonine, triptophan and dopamin that it highly stimulates the brain, the heart functioning and the muscles to relax and gives effect that are at the same time aphrodisiac, ecstatic and meditative. Cacao allows the mind-body-soul to enter states of heightened consciousness and deeper connection to everyone and everything surrounding us, plus raw cacao inherits a special ingredient called anandamide, which is also called the ‘bliss molecule’ for producing extended states of Joy, Bliss and Delight!


Goes to show that clubbers worldwide got wind of it and are now snorting cacao as is in clubs in Ibiza.


Once the beans get processed and turned into normal chocolate, all of these constituents are lost, which makes chocolate still tasty, but not as Divine uplifting as the bitter raw ceremonial version of it. Also, ceremonial grade cacao is high vibrational, which means the way it is produced and exported is in alignment with human rights and social justice, so that workers are payed well, and the whole process of plantation, harvesting and packaging is done with intention for a healthy and sacred use of it.



The Healing Benefits of Raw Cacao

Furthermore shamans believe and ‘see’ that if raw cacao is taken regularly over a long period of time, say several months, the cacao slowly helps to release deep layers of emotional wounds, grief, and sadness from the heart chakra, which let´s be honest, everyone of us inherits to some degree. It´s easy to cover these old scratches from childhood up with activity and engaging in the world, but once sitting still and letting things show themselves, there is a few scars to be found here and there. Cacao is a great and soft remedy for that!


How does Cacao Feel

Cacao is quite a soft plant spirit, compared to the strong visual ones of Ayahuasca or Peyote. It works in a feminine and subtle way on the heart, allowing a heart opening that is also a deeper connection to ones Soul, in a way that is beneficial for the person in that very moment. Sometimes it is not felt at all on a physical, mental or emotional level but simply feels good, sometimes it brings about states of big euphoria, sometimes it helps to open up and connect more with others, sometimes it brings up old emotions for healing, sometimes it just gives a feeling of everything is alright as it is and the present moment is the only thing that is important right now. Bliss.


Cacao also helps to bring about inspiration, creativity and new ideas, mental clarity, reminds us of our talents and skills and gives huge amounts of energy for daily tasks. It´s almost like coffee, just with a lot more health and spiritual benefits!


Cacao and its benefits for the Body

Furthermore, cacao helps to loose weight. Since it´s slightly astringent and encouraging the digestive system, it helps to release toxins that are blocking the energy channels in the body and therefore helps to eliminate what´s no longer needed from the body.


As you can see, raw cacao is an allround great companion on the path, a healer, a spirit guide, a muse, a friend and a nurturing support.

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Goddess Initiation Matangi Cacao

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