Anger: The Power of Transformation

Flaming-Burst-of-Fire_Entourage_Gerber_Stem-500_6444623aAnger is one of the emotions that most of us run away from, suppress it, feel guilty or ashamed about or simply deny that they, too, feel anger flaring up which is causing them a nice stomach burn. Whatever the system is that we have developed to deal with anger, most of the time it is not effective at all in helping us to release the anger – or better, the root cause of the anger. However, when we accept anger as a healthy emotion and as part of us as human beings, it has the power to transform us!


Any situation that makes us angry, be it the traffic jam on the way to work, the nasty boss, the friend that doesn´t show up to a meeting or the spouse with nagging comments, has little to nothing to do with our anger and the anger causing situation itself. Most of the time the situation that makes us angry is simply a reflection of an experience we had in very early childhood, mostly between the age of 0 – 6 years old, when we could rationally not grasp what was going on and therefore couldn´t register the full range of our emotions, let alone release them. Which simply means we were left with an imprint which is still not healed.


Situations keep showing up in our lives, that cause the original anger to flare up, so that we can learn the lesson attached to it and help ourselves to grow and evolve on a soul level! Once we have healed this particular trigger for the anger, the same situation will either not show up anymore or we will watch ourselves react in a completely different way the next time something similar happens.


Anger and the Liver

Anger is related to the liver. Whatever caused us to be angry at some point in our life and was not released from our system, will energetically get stored in our liver. Furthermore, in Kinesiology, a muscle testing technique to receive intuitive answers from the body, the liver is related to the emotions of:


• can´t be moderate

• anger at yourself / others

• constantly irritated / annoyed / loaded

• excessively living in rage

• outbursts

• anger / resentment

• easily angered

• unyielding

• brutal

• malevolent desire for revenge

• complain or find fault continually

• impatience

• can’t come to rest


This means, that when we go to the doctor and he recommends us to do a liver detox and eat more greens, the issue is actually not a mere physical one, but an emotional one! A constantly charged liver means not only easy outbursts of anger and uncontrollable flare ups, negative thoughts against ourself or others, but also very old emotions that have not been digested yet. The events in which we get angry are simply triggers, which bring the old emotions out of the liver box, so to speak.


The liver is responsible for cleaning our blood, producing a digestive liquid called bile and storing energy in the form of glycogen. Furthermore, it produces a substance that breaks down fats, produces urea (the main substance of urine), certain amino acids (building blocks of proteins), filter harmful substances from the blood, stores vitamins and minerals and maintains a proper level of glucose (sugar) in the body. It is also responsible for producing cholesterol.


When we look at it from the physical perspective, the liver has a diverse range of functions! It basically comes down to aiding digestion, cleaning the blood and storing energy and vitamins for our overall health, as well as helping to let go (urine).


When we look at it from an emotional level, this means that the liver helps us in digesting our emotions, cleansing negative emotions from the body, releasing, as well as setting energy free!

However, this only takes place, when we tunderstand the anger whenever it arises without suppressing or neglecting it or trying to cover it up with some positive affirmations, to feel what´s underneath the anger!


Can you see now where the expression comes from: ‘His blood is cooking!’ when someone is angry? It´s the liver having a hard time filtering the blood of the negative emotions!



What´s underneath the Anger?

Anger is related to the Manipura chakra, our solar plexus center for willpower, ego and potential. Underneath Manipura chakra sits the sacral chakra located in the belly area, our emotional and joyful center, also called Svadhisthana. So whatever the third chakra holds in terms of emotions, simply covers up what actually the second chakra is hiding. Which then means, when we truly sit with the anger and give it time and space to arise, listening to it´s messages, we´ll soon notice that underneath is not more anger and fire, but a lot of hurt, sadness, loneliness, the feeling of neglect, invasion, or possibly abuse, vulnerability and a lot more raw watery emotions that bring us closer to our inner child.



When Anger Transforms

Once we understand what the actual hurt is under the feeling of anger, this is when we start taking care of our wounded inner child and listen to the full range of our emotions. And here is where transformation takes place, not only in the third chakra, but also in the second one.


The heat of the third chakra is associated with transformation on a physical and emotional level, as the stomach is transforming food into physical energy and the fire energy of the Manipura chakra transforms negative emotions into spiritual energy!


This means that when we truly sit with our emotions and see what is underneath the anger, letting the full bucket flow over and accept that there is a great deal of hurt, a wounded inner child and some healing to be allowed, the actual emotion of anger disperses and gives way to a clear picture of what we actually need. Once we understand on a deeper level what we need, related to the sacral chakra, we can choose to change our communication, our actions and our response to our environment. We are able to set boundaries, maintain our space and let clarity arise.


It also means that when we allow our anger to fully rise up and then channel the immense heat and fire it produces in a clear direction, we can use this energy consciously to transform outdated habits into conscious actions and to go forward in our life in order to change! Or as a second option we channel that energy even into our projects, ideas and greatest potential, using the momentum to carry us forward!


You know when you were so angry the last time that you said: ‘Ok, enough is enough now, this has to change!’ And suddenly you had huge impulse and energy to move you forward in the blink of an eye, which usually would have taken your forever.


Of course, we can also let the anger rise up, express it and simply discharge it. However, this will not bring a lasting transformation but just a quick release, which relieves too, but the root cause will still be there.



The Cycle of Anger Transformation through the Liver

The cycle of anger transformation from a Kinesiological perspective therefore looks like this:


Step 1)

the blood is cooking


Step 2)

the liver starts to clean the blood


Step 3)

liver sends it down to the bladder creating ureta for the urine, allowing it to let go


Step 4)

liver sets energy free through breaking down of cholesterol and providing glucose


Step 5)

we are full of energy and have the feeling of a release



How to most effectively deal with Anger 

The three ways of dealing with anger are:


  1. Suppressing or denying the anger = no release, no transformation, pushing it back into the liver, attracting a myriad of situations that will trigger the same anger again, for which a lot of energy will be used to suppress again
  2. Getting angry and throwing the anger out at someone or something = quick release, not transformative, although with the possibility for change if energy is channeled into a conscious direction, action or outcome
  3. Sitting with the anger, feeling it fully and the associated emotions underneath it = long-term release, with a clear picture of what is actually needed instead so that lasting changes can be made


How is anger affecting you? Leave a comment of what you tend to do when you get angry.


May it be of service,





If you´d like to go deeper into the connection between emotions and the physical body and learn how t release the anger for good, join my Chakra Awakening Online Course or book a private Coaching Session, in which we work with specific techniques to release the root cause of emotional troubles.


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