Ancestors: Healing The Family Tree

giant fig tree (ficus religiosa) in Kandy, Sri LankaEnergetically we are all connected to our ancestors. Like a tree that has deep roots in the earth and branches reaching up to the sky, each leaf of the tree is part of something greater then just the components of the leaf. Each leaf is also the tree.

In the same way we are individuals, but also our whole family. Every soul has a place in the family tree. Hence we are all forming the roots of the tree, the tree trunk and the leafs together.


We are all Energy – We are One

No matter how well we are connected to each member of our family in terms of communication and mutual understanding, there is something greater that weaves us together: energetic currents. Independent from outside circumstances, we are always connected to each other. Which also means, we can not simply cut our own roots off or cut the connection to someone from our family. There is an underlying thread that weaves us together, unrelated if we decide to communicate with each other or not.

And since we are all energy beings, we can feel whatever is in the field concerning our family, too. If someone has died and left issues unresolved, it’s in the field. If some members of the family don´t get along with each other, it´s in the field. If there are family secrets, it’s in the field. The information of each individual is present in the body of the family tree and we consciously or unconsciously access this information, or in other occasions are influenced by it on a day to day level!

A positive example would be, as we think of someone from our family, they call us. A negative example would be that whatever issues have been left unresolved by our parents, get dropped on us.

For example, issues of the mother get stored in our Root Chakra, issues of safety and security as well as financial stability. Issues of the father get stored in our Solarplexus Chakra, issues of self-worth, being seen and showing up with our full potential. So whatever our parents might leave unresolved, because they don´t see it or can´t find a solution for it, gets passed on to us and then becomes a part of our life. Which in turn has an influence on our beliefs, actions and habits and the situations that we attract.

This can only stop when we recognize that these issues don´t belong to us and don´t match our character and beliefs in this life, but rather seem to be issues of our parents. Once we become aware (meditation helps to see our thoughts and beliefs clearly), we can decide to take action and drop the load, so that it is resolved out of the family tree. We bring the energy back into balance so to speak.


 How does the Family Tree influence Us?

Since we are all energetically and genetically connected, we don´t only carry the conditioning of our parents in us, but also the karmic baggage of the rest of the family. Whatever happened as a major incident once in the family, often times repeats itself over generations. This can go as far as suicides, illnesses or early unnatural deaths, or relationship patterns between partners that are re-created again and again, no matter if these patterns are actually healthy for both partners.

As an example, women have been suppressed throughout ages, they have been hunted, violated or their place as an equal person next to a man has been denied, going back all the way to the beginning of our time when Mary Magdalene was denied her equal place next to Jesus as a healing priestess by the church. Coming from a lineage of women that might have experienced any of this, can have an influence on self-worth and the power to stand-up fully for yourself now, due to an unconscious fear of something dreadful might happen, if you allow yourself to be fully seen and heard.


Patterns in the family tree create similar emotional information and situations throughout generations, even if outside circumstances have changed:

• death of the mother at an early age: a missing aspect of the nurturing, protective mother and true supportive love

• men that went to war and never came back to their family: missing aspect of a supportive partner for the mother and an overload of responsibility to provide and take care of the family, no time for self-nurturing

• sexual abuse or violence: lack of protection and a missing feeling of safety and security and self-worth

• severe illness or death through illness: no right to live, weak health conditions


Once there is a pattern in the family, one of the children of the future generation unconsciously socializes with the person in the generation before him and takes on the pattern. Let´s say there was an early death in the family, for example the man had to go out to the war and got killed, one of the children from the next generation will unconsciously socialize with him and take on the unconscious belief of ‘I don´t have the right to live a long life as my grand-father also could not live a long life’. He then will either encounter lots of dangerous situation that almost cost him his life, or he dies in an accident or through an uncommon illness that also takes his life too early.


Another example might be that a women got raped and hence develops a deep-seated feeling of being not safe and secure wherever she goes. Again, this gets passed on to future generations and the women in the next generations might encounter threatening situations, have a sense of deep-seated fear or in the worst case attract the same situation again.


How to heal the Family Tree?

What we want to do is bring everything back to a place of love, the energetic current that connects us all. Everyone always does what they know best in every situation, depending on their own conditioning. One method to release energies from the the family tree and heal issues and patterns that have been running through generations, is to go to a family constellation. In a constellation you place people as representatives in the room and hence see how they relate to each other in space. Every person then says what they feel in this position, which is in the most cases eye-opening. What comes to the surface is buried emotions, feelings and the view point of each individual, which usually in the waking life nobody would express or be even able to put into words with such clarity. You can then go on to shift people and adjust positions, there is certain specific phrases that can be said to each other to resolve underlying issues and restore the overall energy back to harmony and peace. It´s a little bit difficult to imagine, if you´ve never been to a constellation, but once you do, you´ll see the miracles  happening! The most spectacular effect of a constellation is that no one of the representatives needs t know the family or the full theme placed, but the constellation still has an effect on the actual family!


Another method of healing issues of the family that span across generations and include even people who have died, is the Hawaiian method of Ho’oponopono. With Ho’oponopono you take responsability for whatever has happened in your life and also in the life of others, no matter if it is directly or only indirectly related to you. And as in family constellation, it brings everything back to a place of love.

Sit in meditation and repeat these phrases at lest three times until you feel something is leaving you and you become lighter.



I´m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you


Taking charge of whatever comes in front of our eyes and finding a resolution for it, is the first step to liberation.


May it be of service,




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