Anahata: The Heart Chakra in Everyday Life

heart chakra carly marie• What touches you?

• How do you breathe: into the chest, into the belly, flat or full?

• When and where do you feel in love with life?


All these questions (and more) relate to the Heart Chakra, the fourth Chakra on the Chakra Journey. The fourth chakra is our center for connection to all that is. It´s the seat of love, self-love, compassion and forgiveness. When the heart chakra is blocked, we can feel isolated, lonely and disconnected from others. When it is in balance, we easily get in touch with people, maintain healthy relationships and interactions with friends, family and people we meet and receive everything from a place of greater understanding.


What does the Heart Chakra mean in everyday life?

The heart chakra is the 4th Chakra of the 7 main energy centers in our body: Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत, IAST: Anāhata, English: “unstruck”)

The heart chakra is the center of balance between the earth and the sky chakras. It´s the place from which true connection comes, compassion, love, understanding, forgiveness, feelings and emotions. This chakra is not so much about who we love and what happens when we are in love, it´s more about feeling a connection to everything that surrounds us, including our city, our co-workers, strangers, nature, animals, everything that´s life.

The fourth chakra is especially influenced by grief.

The heart chakra can be, like any other chakra, blocked, over-active or under-active. If it is blocked it will be difficult for you to make connections with people or you have the feeling to shy away from them even. If it is over-active you might place other people first, before taking care of yourself! Only giving without receiving brings the chakra out of balance. The great lesson of the heart is: Love yourself first, then give to others. Because only when we are truly in harmony with ourselves, will we attract the same in our environment and interactions.

The fourth chakra is important as it creates a bridge between the first three earthen, manifest chakras and the last three sky, ephemeral chakras! It´s a bridge between the visible and the invisible. Just as love exists, but can´t be seen or touched, so are the heart’s wishes, invisible, but important to our lives authentically and happy!

The element of the chakra is air, the sense that corresponds to it is touch. The color is green, the beej mantra is Yam.

The body parts related to it are: heart, lungs, breasts, ribcage, upper back, shoulder blades, shoulders.
We can work with the root chakra through yoga asanas, crystals, essential oils, food, color therapy and Chakra Healing.

To start working with the fourth chakra, use the affirmation below and download the FREE CHAKRA CHART to learn more about it´s benefits and the influence on body, mind and spirit.

heart chakra affirmation_ carly marie

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