Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra in Everyday Life

third eye chakra illustration• When are you fully concentrated? 

• How is your eyesight? 

• When and where do you follow your intuition?

All these questions (and more) relate to the Third Eye Chakra, the sixth Chakra to work with on the Chakra Journey. The sixth chakra is the center of intuition and inner wisdom, the center for connecting to the inner world, the playground for imagination, visions and dreams. When this chakra is blocked, we might find it difficult to connect to our intuition, when it is overactive we might easily space out and have difficulties to concentrate, while when it is under-active we might experience headaches or problems with the eye sight. When it is in balance, we have a strong connection to our intuition, inner vision and easily concentrate, while discerning between inner and outer world.


What does the Third Eye Chakra mean in everyday life?

The third eye chakra is the 6th Chakra of the 7 main energy centers in our body: Ajna (Sanskrit: आज्ञा, IAST: Ājñā, English: “command”)

The third eye chakra is the clarity chakra, the inner radar for which direction to take. It´s the seat of intuition and inner knowing independent from what we have learned, how we are conditioned and what books we have read. It´s the center of connection to the Source that is simple, clear and direct, even if we might not always understand it with the rational mind. It´s the counter-part to the rational logical mind (the left-brain), for being creative and speaking in images, gut feelings and impulses (right brain).

The third eye chakra is especially influenced by the mind.

If the sixth chakra is imbalanced, it can give way to an overly strong ego, the so-called ‘I know it all, I see more then you and I have insight into all things’ spiritual ego, manipulation, or on the flip-side a way too rational, logical mind that does’nt connect with intuition. Spacing out and flying away with spiritual insights and ideas might be one effect, or a very rigid way of thinking and trying to control everything without connection to intuition another one.

The sixth chakra is a BIG crux of ascension. If the ego gets too strong here on the path upwards on the chakra ladder, it can easily demolish all the efforts of practice, meditation and yoga that have been put into transformation and healing over the years as it creates a big fat ILLUSION.

The element of the chakra is light or rather no element, the sense that corresponds to it is the sixth sense. The color is dark blue / indigo, the beej mantra is Om.

The body parts related to it are: eyes, forehead, brain, back of the head.
We can work with the root chakra through yoga asanas, crystals, essential oils, food, color therapy and Chakra Healing.

To start working with the Ajna chakra, use the affirmation below and download the FREE CHAKRA CHART to learn more about it´s benefits and the influence on body, mind and spirit.

thrid eye carly marie

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