Anne Haack spent 6 years in Asia living and learning ancient techniques to alter states of consciousness. Through mysterious circumstances, she was guided to a 1000 year old cave in the Himalayas, let go of all her flights and stayed for two years, meditating several hours a day. This is where she started channeling. At some point an ancient sage arrived and showed her the shortcomings of the mind and the expansiveness of the heart to manifest from heart-head-coherence.

Anne is trained in a diverse range of mind-body-spirit techniques, shamanic healing practices, relationship coaching, yoga, martial arts, as well as movement and meditation. She brings rituals, ceremonies, playfulness and intuition into all her work.

Her strengths are her clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and clairknowing abilities with which she perceives information beyond the spoken word.

She has lead workshops, retreats and trainings internationally and appeared at festivals such as Xperience Festival Germany, Boom Festival Portugal, Baltic Tantra Festival, Fusion Festival and Femelek Barcelona.


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