Free Mandala Dance Meditation

A dance meditation for your home! For the ones who came to the meditations in Thailand or on the last retreats and asked me about the music, here it is! It´s a very easy practice moving your body, grounding, energizing and blissful.

Give it a try! 50 minutes of meditation, for which you don´t have to sit around and wait for your mind to empty. Just follow the music and the instructions below, and you are all set! It´s a little different but it works.

A meditation that will bring you to a place of stillness and peace, through the movement of your body.

This active meditation is originally from OSHO, I just changed the music and the timings a bit.

It goes in four steps:

1) Run at the spot and bring your knees high up to the chest. If you feel like other wild movements go for it! But keep moving your body fast, moving all of your energy the entire time. When you hear a ‘cimbal bling’ the next part starts.

2) Sit down, close your eyes and start circling your upper body around, or sway it from side to side or forward and backwards, whatever feels good. Keep breathing through open mouth, leave the jaw and face relaxed. Relax into the movement. This will bring your energies to the navel centre. When you hear a ‘cimbal bling’ the next part starts.

3) Lie down, with open eyes and open mouth and keep breathing through the mouth. Start circling your eyes in clockwise direction the whole time, as if you were following a clock. This will bring the energy to the third eye.

4) Close your eyes and rest. Give yourself permission to be entirely still and relax.


Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


Mandala Dance Meditation


Keep dancing beautiful souls!


Much love,



Picture: Krist’l Lefevere

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