To further your journey of healing and connection with your Soul, I offer these modalities.

NEW OFFER: Vibrational Healing – Over Distance  is a fast and easy way to reduce stress, anxiety and fear, relax the nervous system, release pent up emotions and bring your mind, body and soul into balance. It´s a combination of Reiki, Shamanic Journeys and Light Grids. The after-effects are usually felt for 24h when the system is readjusting to it´s natural state.

This offer is specifically for you, if you are going through a crisis or transformation.

Via skype – 60min. – 80€

Chi Nei Sang – Taoist Abdominal Massage is an ancient Taoist massage technique that helps to bring vital life force energy into flow. It focuses exclusively on the belly area, and helps to align and detox the organs, increase the energy flow in the body, release energetic blockages in the reproductive organs, as well as old emotions. It works specifically on acupressure points and meridians of the body.

In person only – 60min. – 80€

Chakra Kundalini Healing balances the energy centers of the body, activates life force energy to strengthen immunity, helps to release blockage, negative emotions, and old beliefs to come back to a place of natural relaxation and innocence. I energetically rebalance all areas of your life, as well as the meridians and energy centers in your body. Before the session, I tune into an Alpha brainwave state to connect with your subsconscious as well as your Spirit Guides. After the session, you also get an overview of what your Soul needs right now and what you can do to strengthen your connection between body, mind and Soul.

In person and via skype – 1.5hours – 150€

Channeling the Divine Feminine / SOURCE / Ascended Masters is like a tarot deck without cards. Channelings are a way to connect with the essence of Source energy through different representations of spirit. The Divine Feminine brings the motherly spirit, the Sacred Masculine brings the father spirit, the Ascended Masters are like the Akashic Records, a library that knows it all past, present and future. Mother Earth reminds you of the connection to nature´s wisdom. Each channeling is unique for you in this moment, gives clarity on current questions, raises your vibration to unconditional Love and therefore brings deep healing and a sense of presence, peace and harmony within. It also gives action steps on what to do afterwards to integrate the message in your everyday life.

In person and per skype – 60min. – 150€

Shamanic Breathwork uses the power of the breath to increase life force energy in the body, enliven the heart, go into expanded states of consciousness, connect to the natural healing wisdom of the body, release energetic blockages and gain clarity on specific questions. It´s a modality that originates from India, as a teaching of the ancient sage Babaji to effectively heal stress and ailments of the 21st century. It´s guided with music and shamanic instruments.

In person and per skype – 60min. – 80€

All in sessions are to be reserved in advance. A 72h cancellation policy applies. To book your preferred time and date after payment, please send a message to: