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Love is Queen. Simplicity is King.

Feminine leadership for body, mind and spirit.


The success of a business depends on its impact on the world and the alignment with its founder. To be successful and fulfilled, the Soul of the business needs to be an extension of the founder’s heart.


Ceremonies are rituals to open the heart and connect with the spirit of Life. They can be done for couples to deepen love and release past energies, to bless a new business or to welcome a new being on earth.


Channeled messages from a higher Source give clear guidance in love, life and business. They dismantle blind spots and shine a light on strengths. Oftentimes the message itself already brings transformation.

Welcome to my world

Anne Haack is a medium, shamanic healer and embodiment specialist bridging strategy with spirituality.

She creates spaces of deep transformation and presence that bring shifts into business, love and the reality of life, as we know it. The dynamic of masculine and feminine energy are at the core of her work, valuing feminine leadership as a model for a new way of living in harmony with the earth.

She has appeared at festivals, such as Baltic Tantra Festival, Boom Festival Portugal, Xperience Festival Germany, as well as with articles print & online, such as in Yoga Aktuell and Bali Spirit.

In the past 6 years she has lead transformational trainings, workshops and dance sessions in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, France and online. She works with clients internationally in coaching programmes and private sessions.

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