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The success of a business depends on its impact on the world and the alignment with its founder. To be successful and fulfilled, the Soul of the business needs to be an extension of the founder’s heart. It activates synchronicities, manifestation, and vision.


The success of a relationship depends on the higher purpose it has for the world and the alignment with the life of both partners. To be loved and respected, the relationship needs to be a balance of purpose, passion, and power between both partners. It activates deep intimacy, balance, and passion.


Money reflects the relationship we have with ourselves and our parents. To have money and be fulfilled, the why needs to be clear. Money Magic helps you to let go of money blocks, resistance to success and misalignment in life. It activates abundance, purpose, and flow.

Anne Haack is a Feminine Leadership and Manifestation Coach, Success Expert, and Mystic. She has 20 years of background in personal development, movement practices, consciousness expansion, and Soul Alignment, as well as business, marketing and writing. She spent 7 years in Asia learning from respected masters, as well as 2 years in the Himalayas with a Himalayan Sage. She is the author of a „A Simple Book for a Simple Life“.

Anne has worked with more than 1000 people by now in 1:1 Coachings, Healings, Workshops, Retreats, Dance Sessions and Trainings. She appeared at Festivals, such as Boom Festival, Xperience Festival and Baltic Tantra Festival, contributed to Podcasts and has written for numerous magazines.

She combines Spirit with Strategy, Mindset with Manifestation and Business with Boldly being true to yourself.