Love is Queen. Simplicity is King.

Feminine Leadership for body, mind and spirit.


The success of a business depends on its impact on the world and the alignment with its founder. To be successful and fulfilled, the Soul of the business needs to be an extension of the founder’s heart.


Ceremonies are rituals to open the heart and connect with the spirit of Life. They can be done for couples to deepen love and release past energies, to bless a new business or to welcome a new being on earth.


Channeled messages from a higher Source give clear guidance in love, life and business. They dismantle blind spots and shine a light on strengths. Oftentimes the message itself already brings transformation.

A Simple Book for a Simple Life

An oracle from the Himalayan Sages. The book contains 66 messages that give a clear answer to any question you might have. Each answer brings you back to Love, Peace and Harmony.
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#1 Bestseller in India Travel Books.

Anne Haack is a 
Transformational Coach, Shamanic Healer and DJ. 

She brings transformation into business, love and life by combining spirit with strategy.

Mindset, Movement and Meditation are the 3 pillars of her work.

Anne has appeared at festivals, such as Baltic Tantra Festival, Boom Festival Portugal and Xperience Festival Germany. She writes regularly for Yoga Aktuell, Bali Spirit Festival and Medium, among others. In the past 6 years she has lead transformational trainings, workshops and dance sessions in the Sahara Desert, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, France and online. She is the founder of the weekly conscious dance JUST DANCE in the Himalayas as well as Goddess Initiation, an online programme for women.

She works with clients in 1:1 coaching programmes and private sessions.

Client Testimonials

„The space you gave lightened all. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. You find the needle in the hay stack really. It´s like you opened my head and put golden light into it! In these few sessions a lot has been seen, which would other people take years. Thank you, my heartfelt gratitude.“

Cynthia – AUS

„Hi Anne, the morning after our session my body felt extra warm and I woke up feeling very powerful. A few more boundaries are set and I feel at peace with the process, however it goes. My boyfriend and I essentially went into hibernation for the entire weekend, a very healing time. Positive energy flows!“

Johanna – GER

„Hi Anne,
thanks so much for a great course. Also, I’m truly grateful for the private sessions I had with you. It has all given me a lot of insights and things to work on going forward. All the best for your retreat in Morocco and perhaps see you again in India if I decide to return :)” 

Anna – SWE
© Anne Haack